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Kore - Crocheted Top-

Updated: Feb 5

*Pattern released on January 27, 2024

Kore is a very simple and playful pullover. It is a written pattern, and the garment is worked flat with double crochet(US terminology). You will also create 4 vertical lines with front post double stitches throughout the body, where you can crochet the ruffles or lines as accents for the garment.

The name Kore came from Greek Mythology, and it is another name for the Goddess of spring and nature, Persephone. I wanted to create a garment that represents blooming. As in the mythology, spring arrives when Kore returns from the underworld. You will feel excited when the ruffles are done, just like blooming flowers. So, the name Kore seemed to be the perfect one for this light and playful piece.

For the last, this pattern has a knitted version too. You can both knit and crochet this top. The discount is available for set purchases.

*Purchase on Ravelry: The discount is automatically applied when purchasing. The discount can also be applied when purchasing them separately.

*Purchase on STORES: The discount is only applied when purchasing both knitted and crocheted versions at the same time.



■ SIZES 1( 2, 3, 4)(5, 6)

Body Width(A): 55( 60,65,70)(75,80)cm/ 21.6(23.6,25.5,27.5)(29.5, 31.5)”

Body Width(B): 70(75,80,85)(90,95)cm/27.5(29.5, 31.5,33.5)(35.4,37.4)”

Bust Circumference (C ): 140(150,160,170)(180,190)cm/ 55.1(59.0, 62.9,66.9)(70.8, 74.8)”

Body Length(D): 18cm/7.08” for all sizes

Body Length(E): Adjustable (Sample size: 25cm/9.84”)

Between ruffles(F): 25cm/9.84”


30-40cm/11.8- 15.7” (or more) of positive ease.


- Crochet hook 2.5mm (Japanese #4 hook)

- Removable stitch markers

- Tapestry needle


Double crochet (US term) 23sts x 10rows = 10cm (4”)(Blocked)


MC: Linen Ramie Cotton Fingering by Daruma

 Weight: 215(230,250,260)(280,290)g

 Yardage: 864(924,1005,1045)(1125,1165)m/945(1010,1100,1142)(1230,1274)yd

Alternative Yarn for MC: Fingering yarn that is about 400m/100g

 Linen Quill by Purl Soho

 Zauberball by SCHOPPEL

Optional (Yardage for 2sets of 7cm ruffles )

CC1: Mohair Silk 40g(400m)

CC2: Daruma SILK MOHAIR 35g(400m)


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