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Knitted Matagui Cardigan

Updated: Feb 5

The Matagui cardigan is a very simple boxy cardigan consisting of garter stitches, and it is a perfect project for beginners.

It is worked flat, and you will start knitting from the hem on back body. You will knit front body all continuously. Then pick up stitches from the body to knit both sleeves. Super easy!

The pattern comes with instructions with color blocking and without color blocking so that you can choose the style you want to knit it. The suggested yarn is listed below, but you can use any yarn you want if you can get the right gauge.

Since the shape of this cardigan is minimalistic, you can easily make modifications, such as changing colors, using Intarsia, adding ribbing on the armhole and hems, and changing the length or width of the body as you like.

I hope that you will make desired modifications and enjoy knitting this cardigan. You can also see all the samples I have knitted on my website or Instagram, linked on the last page of the pattern. They might inspire you to play with color and have fun!

Please note that the pattern DOES NOT include pattern notes and instructions for every variation you have seen on my Instagram or on Ravelry.

The crocheted version of this cardigan can be found on Ravelry. When purchasing both patterns, you will have a 4 USD discount. The discount will be applied when buying them together or buying separately. (The discount will automatically be applied on the latter purchase. )


■ SIZES 1( 2, 3, 4)(5, 6)

Body Width: 65(70,75,80)(85,90)cm / 25.6(27.5,29.5,31.8)(33.5,35.4)”

Body Length: 48(50,55)cm / 18.9(19.7, 21.6)”

Bust/Body Circumference: 130 (140,150,160)(170,180)cm / 51.2(55.1, 59.1, 62.9)(66.9, 70.8)”

Sleeve Width: 42(44,46)cm / 16.6(17.3, 18.1)”

Cuff Width: 28(30,34)cm / 11.2(11.9, 13.4)”

Sleeve Length: 30(40,45)cm/11.9(15.7, 17.1)”

Body length, Sleeve width and length can be chosen from 3 different sizes.


20-30cm(7.75-11.75”) of positive ease.


Manchelopis by WoolDreamers 230m / 100g (DK)


742(766,807,859)(919,974) m / 811.5(837.7,882.5,939.4)(1005, 1065.2) yd

312(333,350,367)(395,423)g of Manchelopiis

The yarn comes as two strands held together. You will knit with 2 strands for every color. For the CC4, CC5, and CC6, combine 1 strand of each color as indicated below. The number after MC to CC3 is the balls/skeins you will need to get.

MC: Manchelopi Pardo 2(2, 2, 2)(2, 2)ball

CC1: Manchelopi Gris Oscuro 1(1, 1, 1)(1, 1)ball

CC2: Manchelopi Gris Medio 1(1, 1, 1)(1, 1)ball

CC3: Manchelopi Gris Claro 1(1, 1, 1)(1, 1)ball

CC4: Pardo Natural + Gris Oscuro

CC5: Gris Oscuro + Gris MedioCC6: Gris Medio + Gris Claro


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