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We are p to m

We, Maysa Tomikawa and PQ operate a small business, p to m.  


The name "p to m" has two meanings.


Those who knit probably guessed it; it means " purl to marker."  We use this instruction to knit garter stitches, and this phrase appears in every pattern we have written. 

Usually, to knit garter stitches, you knit on both the right and wrong sides, right? Instead, we repeat purl stitches on both sides, using Portuguese-style purling. (Which makes the process super easy and fast!)

The garter stitch is a technique that has a special place in our hearts. I learned it from my deceased grandmother, and I taught it to PQ. It's like a history that has been told. Something we can pass on to another person and keep the heritage alive. 

The other meaning of our name is, obviously, our initials. Coincidentally, the word "to" in Japanese means "and". Therefore, p to m also means  P and M, PQ and Maysa. 

We loved our previous brand name, Mais ou Menos Knitting. We lived our lives believing that we would be alright one day, even with our weaknesses and traumas. We will have an ordinary, so-so life one day, even with our daily struggles. However, we feel that we are not in the same place anymore. We believe now that we can be more than ordinary. We can create something unique and memorable. We believe that our new brand name represents us more accurately.  

For us, "p to m" is a magic spell. We will try our best to create and express our vision through knitting. We hope that we can inspire you to do the same. And we would like to invite you to this journey with us, to knit your dream life.

Maysa Tomikawa


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