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CHISE - the Knitted Penguin Wing Cardigan-

Updated: Feb 5

This is a knitted version of the Penguin Wing Cardigan. You can choose from a knitted version or a crocheted version ( MIO) . They are named after my friends, who are twins and happened to share the same birthday as mine.

A discount will be applied when purchasing both MIO and CHISE as a set.



Body Size(S (M,X,XL))

A-Armhole 26(28,30,32)cm

B-Sleeve length 35cm for all sizes

C- Body length 48(49,50,51)cm

I- Wast circumference 115(129,147,163)cm

The available sizes are only four, but as it is oversized, please make sure to check the waist circumference(I in the diagram) to find your size.

GAUGE: Garter stitch 20 stitches x 40 rows = 10 cm ( 4in )

NEEDLES: US 6 (4.0mm)

YARDAGES: 1330(1510, 1660, 1830)m

Good Wool (Purl Soho) 350m(383yards)/100g

To knit the same color combo as the diagram, you will need the amount below in each color.

CC1: Dark Spruce 2(3,3,3)skeins

CC2: Fern Green 2(3,3,3)skeins

CC3: Apple Cider 1(1,1,1)skeins

Alternatives: Brusca (Retrosaria), Sport Weight handspun yarn and etc.


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