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CHISE - the Knitted Penguin Wing Cardigan-

Knitted cardigan with wide sleeves that makes you dance with joy.

This is a knitted version of the Penguin Wing Cardigan. You can choose from a knitted version or a crocheted version ( MIO) . They are named after my friends, who are twins and happened to share the same birthday as mine.

The set pattern for both MIO and CHISE is also available, where you can purchase those items at cheaper prices.



Body Size(S (M,X,XL))

A-Armhole 26(28,30,32)cm

B-Sleeve length 35cm for all sizes

C- Body length 48(49,50,51)cm

I- Wast circumference 115(129,147,163)cm

The available sizes are only four, but as it is oversized, please make sure to check the waist circumference(I in the diagram) to find your size.

GAUGE: Garter stitch 20 stitches x 40 rows = 10 cm ( 4in )

NEEDLES: US 6 (4.0mm)

YARDAGES: 1330(1510, 1660, 1830)m

Good Wool (Purl Soho) 350m(383yards)/100g

To knit the same color combo as the diagram, you will need the amount below in each color.

CC1: Dark Spruce 2(3,3,3)skeins

CC2: Fern Green 2(3,3,3)skeins

CC3: Apple Cider 1(1,1,1)skeins

Alternatives: Brusca (Retrosaria), Sport Weight handspun yarn and etc.







サイズ:(S (M,X,XL))

A-袖口 26(28,30,32)cm

B-袖丈 35cm for all sizes

C-身丈 48(49,50,51)cm

I- 胴囲 115(129,147,163)cm


ゲージ: ガーター編み 20目 x 40段 = 10cm ( 4in )

必要な道具: 輪針 US 6 (4.0mm)

指定糸: 1330(1510, 1660, 1830)m

Good Wool (Purl Soho) 350m(383yards)/100g


CC1: Dark Spruce 2(3,3,3)かせ

CC2: Fern Green 2(3,3,3)かせ

CC3: Apple Cider 1(1,1,1)かせ

その他推奨糸: Brusca (Retrosaria)

(Sport Weightでゲージが合えばお好きな毛糸を利用可。)

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Get on Ravelry

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