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We have added some new yarn!

We have added some more yarn to our Shop! Aren't they beautiful?

The lineup is:

Woodland Path - (A set)

Woodland Path - (B set)


Chiang Tao - (Blended)

Chiang Tao - (Solid)


Airglow- (B set)

Airglow- (A set)

Pistachio- (B set)

Pistachio- (A set)

All of them are so pretty, but the "Chiang Tao" series is my favorite. There are two different types, which are more blended or solid. It is named after a Hong Kong movie star!

See you all soon!

By the way, the yarn above is also available. They are a small yarn of 1100JPY + shipping fee. Please refer to the blog post about Cleffa's small yarn shop.

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