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The Penguin Wing Cardigan patterns are now on SALE🐧

Hi, my dear knitting nerds!

I hope you are all doing well. We have had some spring-like weather in Tokyo lately, which is super exciting. Today, I have a far more exciting announcement for you.

The crocheted and knitted Penguin Wing Cardigan patterns are finally out for sale! I have received so many exciting messages about this pattern release, so I hope you all like the process of knitting pr crocheting it.

The knitted Penguin Wing Cardigan is MIO, and the crocheted one is CHISE. They are named after my friends, who were twins and share the same birthday as mine. They are super talented artists and also a powerful feminist. They always inspire me to create more! So, by creating your own Penguin Wing Cardigan, I hope you will feel the same as I do.

The concept for this pattern was to create a garment that both crocheter and knitter could enjoy! The sleeves have penguin wing liked shapes, with lots of volumes. I love dancing with this cardigan because it is just so much fun to have something extra on both sleeves. They are not the warmest pieces, but you can enjoy wearing them even in a bit of chilly weather around the spring/summer. I recommend wearing a long sleeve shirt inside in the wintertime.

The patterns can be found on my Ravelry($8 each /$13 for set purchase), or Mais ou Menos Knitting Shop (¥900 each /¥1600 for set purchase).

For those who have purchased the pattern and are knitting/crocheting the garment, please do not forget to share your progress by tagging the photos with hashtag #penguinwingcardigan or/and #pwc. I will be ultra happy to hear your feedback and requests.💓

Thank you always for your support. Enjoy your crafts!


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