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[Testing Call] Knitted Matagui Cardigan

Hi everyone! I am currently looking for some test knitters who are interested in testing my newest pattern Matagui Cardigan!

The pattern is simple and mainly consists of garter stitches. You need to know how to increase and decrease, nothing difficult! It is my signature design, that I've been knitting so many pieces.

Testers need to be knit-fluent, someone who has experience in writing or testing a pattern. I will love to receive feedback to improve it as much as I can.

You should have a public Instagram and Ravelry account and be willing to post a progress photo and finished photo before or on the pattern release date.

If you would like to test knit, please contact me via Instagram DM, telling me the size you want to test and your email address by Feb 28, 2023.

Here are the details of the testing. Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries.

I will soon post another testing call for the crocheted version of the Matagui cardigan, which is a twin pattern of this one! Stay tuned👍



■ SIZES 1( 2, 3, 4)(5, 6)

Body Width: 65(70,75,80)(85,90)cm / 25.6(27.5,29.5,31.8)(33.5,35.4)”

Body Length: 48(50,55)cm / 18.9(19.7, 21.6)”

Body Circumference: 130 (140,150,160)(170,180)cm / 51.2(55.1, 59.1, 62.9)(66.9, 70.8)”

Sleeve Width: 42(44,46)cm / 16.6(17.3, 18.1)”

Cuff Width: 28(30,34)cm / 11.2(11.9, 13.4)”

Sleeve Length: 30cm/ 11.9” for all sizes

* Body length and Sleeve width can be chosen from 3 different sizes.


20-30cm(7.75-11.75”) of positive ease.


304(316,334,352)(384,405) g of Manchelopis by WoolDreamers

2 strands held together » 230m / 100g (DK)

The yarn comes as two strands held together. You will knit with 2 strands for every color. For the CC4, CC5, and CC6, combine 1 strand of each color as indicated below. The number after MC to CC3 is the balls/skeins you will need to get.

MC: Manchelopi Pardo Natural 2( 2, 2, 2)(2, 2)ball

CC1: Manchelopi Gris Oscuro Natural 1( 1, 2, 2)( 2, 2)ball

CC2: Manchelopi Gris Medio Natural 1( 2, 2, 2)(2, 2)ball

CC3: Manchelopi Gris Claro Natural 1( 1, 1, 1)(1, 1)ball

CC4: Pardo Natural+ Gris Oscuro

CC5: Gris Oscuro + Gris Medio

CC6: Gris Medio + Gris Claro


Testing period:Mar 1, 2023 to Mar 31

Release date: Apr 8, 2023

Application deadline: Feb 28, 2023


- Who has a public Instagram and Ravelry account

- Who is willing to post the process and result of testing on socials

- Who has previous experience in writing or/and testing patterns

- Who is willing to knit with the specified yarn indicated on the pattern.

■How to apply

Send DM on my Instagram( @m_moos )

When applying, please let me know the size you wish to test, and your email.

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