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Shop Update for June 

Hi Everyone! Long time no see! It’s Maysa from p to m. It's so nice to talk to you again!

We will be adding our signature yarn called Chor Yuen on sale at 12 PM on June 18th! (JST)

After the release of the Matagui Cardigan pattern last April, we received lots of requests asking for a kit to recreate this sample piece.

Since this piece was knitted three years ago, with no intention to write a pattern at the time, I did not record details of this piece. So it is difficult for me to make a kit, however, I decided to make the yarn I used to knit this piece.

We hand-blended and handspun 20 skeins of Chor Yuen yarn. This yarn is super colorful (we blended 10 colors or more!), but since we ply it with gray Shetland blended yarn, it becomes not too loud to the eye.

We have been making this yarn for a long time and it's our absolute favorite! It’s a shame that we can only make a small amount of them, but we would love to see you knitting with these beautiful Chor Yuen yarn!

For more details about the yarn itself, please check out our online store!

Have a nice weekend!


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