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Remaking into something new

I made a crochet cardigan last year. I loved it so much, especially the colorwork and the fit. But for some reason, I did not get as much use of it. Maybe because it was a short sleeve. Maybe it was a bit too cold to wear in the winter and too warm to wear in the springtime. But still, I loved how it looked on me.

I try to make my clothing as much I can. So making something I feel comfortable wearing is always my goal. Though, sometimes it does not work as I plan. I have made a white dress with smocking embroidery. It took me so long to make and I totally love it, but I do not wear it as much because of the fear to stain a plain white dress. This cardigan was the same.

Having these very small issues can distance us from not using/wearing them, and it is such a shame in my opinion. So I tried to remake it into a shawl.

I undid the seams and then joined the bodies to make a very long rectangle. Both length and width looked perfect. Also loved the volume of it. It was s good timing since I got rid of my old shawls. I have used them for more than ten years, which were cheaply purchased. It was a time to say goodbye and welcome some new ones.

Remaking an old piece into something new is always a good idea. The history of it can make us love it more and care more. I hope this new shawl will be my buddy for the coming years.

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