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Our shop is moving!

Good evening, PQ here. We have an exciting news today!

We are pleased to announce that our store is moving!

We had been operating  under this URL for a while, but now we have a new store with a new URL.

Here is the new URL of our new p to m store!

We will offer some renewal sales of the hand-spun yarn that I have been spinning diligently as [PQ's Small Yarns]!

We are selling them in sets of 3 skeins at a reasonable price. Please take a look at the new p to m store, and don't miss out!

We will continue to bring out new yarns, patterns, and handmade products to make your knitting/crocheting time more fun! We hope you will look forward to the upcoming updates too.

Thank you for your continuous support, and see you soon at our new store!


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