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Nomin is out now

Creating my first ever pattern took me a while. But it was one of the best experiences of my life. The first time always comes with a fear of the unknown. I felt scared, insecure, unsure of everything I did. I didn’t know what was waiting for me. All the fear is now turned into the happiness and joy of trying out.

By experiencing the whole process of pattern making, I started to feel comfortable asking for help. Accepting what I can and can’t, learning from test knitters' feedback. Every process of pattern making was a discovery. Those discoveries changed me in a good way.

Now, I am embracing my braveness to trying out. But all these experiences were amazing because of all the support I had. Every comment on my Instagram, every feedback, and encouragement were as if a milestone for me to continue going ahead. My goal was to create an easy and clear pattern that even a beginner can use as a guide. I think I did achieve it with all the help I got. I am so grateful for all your support. Thank you so much.

Before ending this post, I just want to talk a little bit about the Nomin itself.

I created a prototype of Nomin in June 2019, right after I got a sick leave from my employment. It was a much-needed break. I started to feel inspired again and start designing, posting more of the daily progress of my knitting on Instagram.

At first, this cardigan was like a Haori, a Japanese-style coat worn over Kimono. Both sleeves were super wide and flowing. I loved everything about it, but I thought It could be more fitted around arms as daily wear. I made some modifications then Nomin had born.

The word Nomin means farmer in Japanese. So this cardigan is meant to be simple daily wear, as a working garment. Not like Haori, which is more “noble” looking.

This cardigan is surprisingly easy to knit! However, with inspiration and playful colorwork, it can become something totally different. I am sure you can cast a spell on it and make a magical cardigan. So, please play with colors, embrace your creativity and inspiration. I hope knitting a Nomin cardigan will be an enjoyable experience for you!

For the last, here are amazing test knitters’ Instagram accounts! Please send some love to them.

Special Thanks!





Please stay tuned for my second pattern:)

With love


Buy Nomin pattern from My webshop or Ravelry

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