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Ninja Sweater and Ninja Balaclava Pattern Released!

I've been writing this pattern since July 2022, and I've finally finished my Ninja Sweater and Ninja Balaclava pattern!

This was my first time writing a pattern, but with Maysa's help, I managed to release it.

The Ninja Sweater has a longer back body covering up to the hips and is very warm. The Ninja Balaclava gently covers the entire head, warms the neck, and looks cute, just like a hood.

The most challenging part of writing the pattern was the sizing. I knit my sweater in size 2 (the equivalent of size M), but writing instructions for other sizes without actually knitting them was super difficult. Since I am not very good at math, calculating all the measurements was challenging and complicated. I re-do the calculations so many times that my notebook has no blank space any more.

The other thing I found difficult was communicating with test knitters to find mistakes and correct the pattern. For each revision, we found more errors to be corrected, and I needed to share an updated version to test knitters. It was a process for sure...

Everything I experienced in pattern-making was excellent learning for me.

It was a lot of hard work, but I am very happy that my sweater and balaclava designs are shared as a pattern. Thank you so much to all the test knitters involved and my partner Maysa.

I hope you enjoy knitting this pattern.

Ninja sweater and balaclava

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