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My New Pink Meitian Sweater💕

It's been a while since I finished knitting the newest piece, but I wanted to share my result with you all.

As the name suggests, "Meitian" means every day in Chinese, and I've been wearing my first sample almost every day during the cold season. Therefore, some red lily yarn started to tear and became impossible to mend. So I decided to knit a new uniform for myself.

This one was my favorite sample😢

And it turned out like this! I am not a pink person, but I've recently been kind of into pink. What do you think?

In my opinion, the best feature of the Meitian Sweater is its simplicity. The shape is boxy and so easy to knit. It is easily adjustable and depending on the color, it changes like magic.

My tip for knitting a beautiful piece is to think about balance. I used some vivid pink and used yellow, and yellow-green as matching colors. Also, different shades of gray tones are lovely to combine. One of my favorite yarns is Chor-Yuen yarn made by PQ. It made a unicorn-like effect on this piece, which stole my heart💕

I knitted the size L, by the way. So the fit is super oversized. I love that we can share the same garment and still look great with it. PQ looks super nice in it, right? Also, I worked both sleeves longer than the pattern. The neckline is also wider.

Besides some handspun yarn, I used Mohair Silk and Kumo by La Bien Aimée, Geek by Daruma, Posy, Line Weight, and Tussock by Purl Soho.

Mixing yarns with different texture and weights are so much fun. You can enjoy knitting it, looking at it, and wearing it. I really recommend knitting your Meitian Sweater with lots of different kinds of yarns. I know that the weather is becoming hotter and hotter each day, but I hope you will knit your own Meitian for the coming cold season💕

For the last, I want to tell you a secret... I'm planning to write a Meitian pattern for crochet in the near future... Are you excited? I AM!!


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