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My Cloudbow Pullover

In June, I knitted two pullovers: one was the Cloudbow Pullover, a design by Reed Keyes that is available in PomPom Magazine issue 40. The other is a pullover version of the Penguin Wing Cardigan (MIO). In this issue, I will talk about Cloudbow.

Cloudbow is a pullover made of fine mohair yarns knitted with thicker needles, and I used my yarns to make it colorful.

I knitted the size 9. I also worked the bust panel a little longer than specified on the pattern, and as I have long arms for my height, I added some extra rows to the sleeves than specified.

I used Mohair Silk by La Bien Aimée, Tussock by Purl Soho, Silk Mohair by Daruma, and BBQ by Amimono Spin. Personally, I liked the combination of Golden Lichen (yellowish color) and Anjou Pear (reddish salmon color) by Purl Soho.

This pull was so much easier than it looked, and I really enjoyed knitting it. It's been a while since I've genuinely enjoyed knitting like this, and I'd like to thank Reed, the designer, from the bottom of my heart. It was so much fun that I even stayed up late into the night knitting.

By the way, Cloudbow includes a dress version in the pattern, so I have a plan to knit a dress using brown mohair. I am looking forward to it.

100% recommend this pattern, so please check it out😉

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