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Incorporating Notion into our routine

Hello, this is PQ.

We recently started using an app called Notion, which allows me to manage tasks and share things with Maysa. I've just started using it, but I'm excited about how easy it is to use and how it will bring more energy into my daily life.

Maysa and I would like to share how we use Notion as a team.

1. Writing blog drafts and idea lists

I use it as a tool to write drafts for our blog and lists for ideas. I struggled a lot to organize thoughts and stay motivated to write blogs. Nowadays, with more and more people blogging using their phones, I have written in the Note app on iPhone, other apps, etc., which I felt super messy. But writing in Notion is an excellent way to organize the draft and keep ideas. Also, I can link the idea and drafts in a very neat way!

2. List of our future patterns

Whenever Maysa and I come up with pattern ideas that we want to write in the future, we add the idea to this list/.

After adding the pattern idea to the list, I can link the actual pattern notes. I can also add a timeline to keep the schedule on time to the pattern notes. It is super neat and easy to visualize!

Once I have a schedule, I feel more motivated. I am about to write my first pattern, and I feel a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

3. Schedule

Maysa and I are sharing our day job schedules.

I am doing this on a trial basis, hoping to be able to see the schedules of both of us and keep having time to enjoy.

4. Task management

I use this page to manage my day job tasks. I keep track of the tasks such as sending emails to manage projects with our freelance workers. As I have to communicate with many people, I must avoid missing anything. I keep a Gantt chart (timeline) here to see who is doing what and by when.

5. Self-analysis

I often get anxious, especially when I'm unsure what to do next. So I often feel depressed. At such times, I tend to fight the feeling without thinking about why. I try to avoid facing reality to escape from it, making me feel more anxious. Recently, I have been inspired to do a proper self-analysis. I created a page for self-analysis at Notion, and I have been analyzing myself there. I want to reduce the time I spend depressed, and I would like to write down a lot of my thoughts from now on.

6. List of Links

This page is like a bookmark, where we can stock pages that we would probably use in the future.

Notion has so many different ways of use. We are still trying to find the best way to use the app to manage our daily tasks and work. We might stop using it, but for now, we are enjoying using it so much.

If you are using Notion to manage your knitting designs and pattern writing, please let us know some tips!

I will share more as I make progress in the future.

See you soon!

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