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I designed my own sweater!

I've finished knitting the sweater I designed!

The name of this sweater is Ninja!

The reason I named this garment Ninja is because it has ninja-like hats as a set. I also think that the different length of the bodies are unique and resembles Kimono.

I am currently working on a hat to make a sample. However, I am struggling with the production of the hat.

I have decided knit the hat sample in a smaller size because I kept failing too many times.

So far it seems to be going well, but will I get it right? I am worried.

Despite my worries, I didn't give up, kept on knitting, and somehow I got it done!

I had Bowser jr, Pikachu and Riolu try it on.

I learned a new technique to knit hats, so I am now knitting a new prototype in human size!

Making this small prototype hat has been a great learning experience for me. I had been doing only garter stitches, so I didn't know much about other techniques, but I learned new terms and it was super exciting.

I learned the depth of knitting by making mistakes. I am impatient to write patterns as soon as possible, but I still want to produce good products with satisfactory designs, so I will continue to make prototypes.

Please keep an eye on it if you like.

See you soon.

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