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First time pattern writing

I am writing a pattern for the first time since July.

This is because the ninja sweater is finished and the ninja balaclava is finally complete.

The balaclava, which I had struggled with, was finally done on the third try. I untied and knitted, untied and knitted again and again, and little by little it came closer and closer to completion.

Now I am making it into a pattern.

Since this was my first experience, I didn't know where to start, but I started writing little by little, referring to Maysa's patterns. I am thinking about how I should write the pattern so that the reader can knit it.

The difficult part is the size range.

I made a medium size, but I had to do a lot of calculations for S, L, and XL sizes, as the number of steps and stitches to knit are different for each size. I am not good at math, but I am trying my best.

Now that I have most of the Japanese patterns done, I am about to start the English patterns.

I am very anxious to see if I can actually make a ninja sweater or ninja balaclava by reading and knitting these patterns.

I will have them try it out on a test knit and correct any oddities.

I am looking forward to seeing how the pattern will progress now. Please look forward to its completion.

See you soon!

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