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First experience with unwashed wool

The other day, we received Tom's freshly sheared wool from his home!

It was the first time for me and Maysa to touch the freshly sheared and unwashed wool of a sheep, and we were very excited.

Here is a video of our experience.

The excitement was not over yet, and we decided to wash the wool immediately.

Apparently, you need a detergent called Monogen to wash wool, so I immediately bought one at Kin no Hitsuji.

I took a video of me washing it, so please click here to see it.

After removing debris and washing to remove mud, the wool became pure white.

The freshly washed wool was fluffy and beautiful, and I was thankful for nature's bounty.

After washing, I wanted to try spinning the yarn, and here is the yarn I spun.

I spun this yarn in homage to Tom's family, Mori, a super cute beagle dog. As for spinning, I usually spin merino wool well, but it was a little different from that feeling, and I felt it wasn't easy.

After spinning the yarn, I felt like knitting, so I knitted a coaster. Isn’t is cute?

I wonder what kind of work I will knit in the future. I am very much looking forward to spinning and knitting, though.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone in Tom's family. We will use the wool we received with great care.

See you soon.

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